Is it Worth Vising?

Today we got a question form one of our members!

Listen up to all of you France Lovers! If traveling to France is a dream of yours then listen up. We were just asked is France worth spending your hard earned cash visiting?

Well, first off With such history and beauty and culture, France is most definitely worth visiting. Just as you’d normally have the stereotypes of multiple regions here in the States, you will have certainly them in France. The Southerners tend to be a bit more friendly than the northerners in our opinion. In our experience, they’ve always loved Americans and have been very helpful. The Northerners, especially around Paris, have tended to be a bit more stand-offish, but they are used to tourists and have never been afraid to help. Our favorite place in France was definitely the Provence, which is in the south  on the Mediterranean. Some people have a very bad opinion of the French, but it is no different a country than the diversity that you find here. Just because they do not like the leader of our nation does not mean they dislike Americans as a whole country. We just wouldn’t go touting Bush over there.

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